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Audio Control Three.2
In-Dash Pre-Amp Equalizer / Subwoofer Crossover w/ Dual Auxiliary Inputs

Extended Warranty
    • If you want great sound and love to 뱓weak?your system, then you will truly appreciate the AudioControl THREE.2. Affectionately called the "EQ on steroids", the THREE.2 is a high-end pre-amplifier that offers equalization and crossover controls for enhanced sound quality. Multiple audio inputs, both front and rear allow for maximum connectivity with all of your favorite source units. 
    • While being housed in a compact 1/2 DIN sized chassis, the THREE.2 is truly a feature-laden processor. The THREE.2 starts with four stereo equalization filters including AudioControl뭩 proprietary Para-BASS controls, which give subwoofers extra kick and detail as needed. It also features a 4 channel, 2-way, 24 dB/octave car audio crossover with a fader. To round out the package the THREE.2 also includes a subwoofer level control, master volume control, and the ability to select the back lighting illumination color between Cool Blue and Hot Red. 
    • Given that many of today뭩 audio enthusiasts like to carry their music with them, the THREE.2 is equipped with dual, 3.5mm auxiliary input jacks located on the front and rear of the chassis. This helps facilitate the permanent installation of cabling or lets a user plug in their portable audio device on the fly. 
    • In-dash Pre-Amp Controller 
    • Dual stereo auxiliary inputs (3.5 mm front and rear) for easy connectivity of portable audio devices like iPods 
    • Two input channels and two, four, or six channels of output 
    • Stereo and Para-BASS equalization controls for maximum sound quality 
    • Precise 24 dB/octave electronic crossover plus subwoofer level control optimizes bass performance 
    • Pre-amp line driver (13 volt peak) delivers maximum signals to amplifiers 
    • Master volume control and fader 
    • Selectable illumination ?Cool Blue or Hot Red LED뭩 
    • Compact 1/2 DIN chassis