ProRacingX ChipBox CR-LED
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ProRacing X ChipBox CR-LED

It is an original device from ProRacing X, produced according to the highest standards across the European Union. The device has a two year producer warranty!

CR-Led is the latest model produced especially for the most demanding drivers!

The device has a display and keypad which enables exactly matching to the condition of engine components and their own expectations. We make a correction settings without using a computer.

The main advantages of the device:

  • Increasing the power and torque up to 30%
  • The microprocessor-based data processing in real time thanks to a new, very fast processor.
  • You can change the settings using the keyboard without using a computer.
  • No need to interfere in the original engine control software.
  • Installation is simple, takes place in a few minutes. You can perform it yourself through an easy instructions.
  • Original producer plugs are waterproof and ensure reliability.

CR-LED allows you to set different adjustments in four areas dependent on the current engine speed.

The zoning allows you to adjust capacity growth to the different characteristics of many manufacturers of diesel engines.

How to program the device?

The device will allow adjustment without using a computer.

Using the built-in display and keyboard, we have fast access to selected parameters.

  1. Power of the overall vehicle..
  2. Power at low rpm.
  3. Power in the medium rotation.
  4. Power at high revolutions

For each parameter falls scale of 1 to 20, with 1 being the weakest and 20 the strongest setting.


Production of equipment ProRacing X meets the highest standards of an international association of producers of the electronics industry IPC and the international and Polish production standards.

IPC certifications are recognized worldwide as a guarantee quality of products and services in the electronics industry.

The use in the production of IEC standards ensures high production quality and repeatability of the process.

ProRacing CR-LED chip is a device with the function of programming.

Chip is designed for diesel cars, which have a system with a common rail injection - COMMON RAIL.

The device we plug in the specific sensor on the terminal injection.

As a result, we modify the data sent between the computer control unit (ECU) and the various components of the engine on the fuel injection quantity of fuel, boost pressure, supply air temperature, air density, engine speed, throttle position and other variables.

After unplugging the unit from the engine compartment car back to its factory settings.

Installation of the unit CR-LED strip Common Rail.

  1. After removing the hood, locate the bar Common Rail.
  2. It is the specific sensor located (its location on the included detailed instructions - it is different in different models of cars).
  3. Detach the plug from the sensor.
  4. Plug in a plug for the sensor. Proceed to connect the device.
  5. The second connect with the plug previously disconnected from the sensor.

Programming CR-LED when connected.

After connecting the display shows the control number (eg.147).

This means that the device is well connected and ready for programming. Notice that the control number may vary and is dependent on the controller in the car.

Hold down the ENTER button until the display shows ‘Pro’.

Then the ChipBox will automatically allow to setting the parameter 1. Confirm it by pressing ENTER.

Use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the desired parameter and confirm by pressing ENTER.

We proceed to parameter 2 - confirm it by pressing ENTER button. Then use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the desired parameter and confirm by pressing ENTER.

Another parameters (3 and 4) set by repeating the act the same way as in the previous case.

After adjusting all settings the display shows ‘End’.

This means that the device has been programmed and we can test the new settings for the device.

The ProRacingX Chip Tuning Box CR LED can be used in all cars with Common Rail.

Certain manufacturers use the following notation.

The BMW cars are marked with letter D (BMW D). The BMW's engines are used also in Land Rover Freelander and are marked by TD4 (Land Rover TD4).

Chevrolet cars are marked: VCDi (Chevrolet VCDi).

Daimler uses CDI sign. Jeep - CRD.

Fiat Group: Fiat, Alfa Romeo & Lancia have sign it as JTD (known as MultiJet, JTDm, and for manufacturers CDTi, TiD, TTiD, DDiS & Quadra-Jet).

Ford Motor Company uses TDCi sometimes names as Duratorq & Powerstroke.

Honda marks own cars as i-CTDi & i-DTEC, Hyundai - CRDi and Kia have label CRDi (Kia CRDi, Isuzu iTEQ).

Mazda MZR-CD & Skyactiv-D (manufactured commonly by Ford & PSA Peugeot Citroen ), and before Mazda DiTD.

Mitsubishi DI-D (also Mitsubishi 4N1), Nissan dCi (Infiniti also have common rail engine - dCi).

Opel CDTI, Proton SCDi, Peugeot HDI or HDi and Citroën HDI or HDi. Renault dCi, Saab TiD but also you can find Saab TTiD.

Suzuki DDiS, Smart CDI, SsangYong XDi, Subaru TD lub Subaru D, Tata DICOR and Tata CR4, Toyota D-4D & Toyota D-Cat.

As regards Volkswagen Group, which brings together brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda its newest models TDI uses Common Rail in contrast to earlier models (pump Vp37 or UIS incedtors).

Volvo marks as Volvo D and Volvo D5 , elier TD2, TD3, TD4, T5.

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