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2006, 2007 and 2008

Ford F150, Mustang, Explorer, Mountaineer, Expedition, Fusion and Freestyle

6 MP3 CD Changer


Sat Ready Stereo



P/NS: 7L3T-18C815-AG, 8C3T-18C815-FC, 7T4T-18C815-JA

We LOVINGLY pulled this out of a low mileage F150 to put in a NAV system and now you can own this for a fraction of dealer cost!!

This is in LIKE NEW condition.   Almost PERFECT!!  All buttons work perfectly.  Glass is a GEM! EVERYTHING works perfectly!!

Do you have a GREAT Ford but only have a CD or cassette player in the dash?  Well here is a PERFECT opportunity to upgrade.   This holds 6 CDs or 6 burnt MP3s!!!  you can hold about 1,200 songs with that!!   So, go with the original!  Go with the best!  This is plug and play.  For SAT you will need a SAT tuner and GPS antenna.  Full 30 day warranty, plenty of time for you to luuuvvv itttt!

Antenna Application:  this has the new antenna plug that came out in 2006 and 2007.  Make sure yours matches.  This new one has a white core in the middle of the antenna hole.  You can see it in the photo.   Please make sure your antenna is the same otherwise this will not work.

Bracket Application:  I know this fits many 2006 and newer F150, Mustang, Explorer, Mountaineer, Expedition and Freestyle.  When they changed the antenna plug, they also changed the bracket placement slightly, so make SURE your antenna is the same! I know the brackets are different than the Freestar, F250 or Focus, even though electronically it is plug and play. 

Height Application:  This radio is 4 3/4 inches tall.

Plug Information:  This stereo has two plugs in the rear.  It will not drive a subwoofer.  For best application make sure your vehicle has two plugs!!

Reprogramming Information:   These newest generation Ford radios can be reprogrammed after installation by the dealer.  Many times they do not need to be.   No one knows why!  Talk to your dealer, I know I do!!


Good Fortune Bidding!

Nathan White

Automobile Radio Sales

Warranty and Return Information:

Return Policy:  We will accept returns with a modest 25% restocking fee of purchase price.  Minimum restocking fee is $20.  For refunds, please notify us within 14 day of receipt.  Shipping is not refunded.  We prefer to exchange or repair for FREE, please read details below.

Return Shipping Information:  If you need to return the item, please contact us so we can issue an RMA return number, shipping directions and return shipping address.  Do not ship without an RMA.  The shipping department is not authorized to accept packages without an RMA. 

Wrong Application Information: In any given year, make and model, the same vehicles will have different plugs and brackets and other applications.  Please make sure the radio you are purchasing fits your vehicle. The above application information may not be right for your vehicle.   PLEASE CHECK!  If the radio does not fit your application, and you need to exchange it for a different model, we can credit the original purchase price less a 25% restocking fee.   Buyer needs to also pay an additional shipping charge.   If you wish to cancel you may with the same 25% restocking fee.

Dealer Reprogramming:  All newer Chevy/GM and many Ford radios must be taken into the dealer after installation.   This reprogramming can take 30 minutes and will cost usually $45 or so.  We are never responsible to pay or refund this reprogramming fee.

Warranty Information: Our warranty is one of the strongest on the internet for used stereos.  Simply put, if anything does not work, please notify us within the warranty period.  Then ship it back to us (you pay the shipping) and we will fix it for free, all parts and labor, and then we ship it back to you (we pay the shipping).  If we are unable to repair it, we retain the right to replace the stereo with the same model.  That decision is made by us.  Seller will never be responsible for any amount in excess of the original purchase price.  Shipping costs are not refunded.  For warranty benefits, auction page must state "warranty" and you must notify us within the warranty period and return the stereo soon after notification (postmarked within seven to ten days).  To encourage fast payment, warranty period begins the day auction closes. Please note, for sales outside the lower 48 states, because of costs, we pay for half the shipping back to you. Warranty is void if stereo is misused, mishandled, dropped, modified, opened or used in a manner inconsistent with manufacturer's instructions (eg installed in vehicle not called out for by manufacturer, used with plug adapters, installed in a boat, etc), it is void if packaging materials are discarded or manipulated (we need the packaging materials kept for insurance claims), it is void if the radio is shipped to a second location by customer (this voids our insurance, therefore stereo must be installed at or near where stereo is shipped by us) or if disparaging comments (non-positive) are disseminated or publicized.  In cases of breakage in shipping, we will make an insurance claim. The buyer is obligated to follow all requests made by shipper and seller to successfully pursue the claim.  Because of dilatory reasons, warranty is void upon chargebacks, attempts at chargebacks and commencement of litigation.

Broke Radios, Damaged Goods:  If your radio arrives DOA (dead on arrival) you must keep your box and packing materials as it is likely we will file a claim with UPS.  All of our radios are tested prior to shipping, so if it arrives not working, it has broken during installation or shipping.  All DOAs, broke radios and damaged goods are covered with our Full 100% Warranty, please read above. We will fix or replace for free!!  If you wish to cancel any purchase, even if the radio is DOA or breaks, you may and pay the 25% restocking fee.  We prefer to simply send a free replacement or repair the original.  







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