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Cloud9 Celebrity 13" Twin Memory Foam Rv Mattress Bed Component Sleep System on

US $223.24

Made in USA, US

Made in USA, US
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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

NEW, Cloud9™ Celebrity 13" Twin Size
Visco Elastic Memory Foam RV Mattress

With 5" of Dual Density MEMORY FOAM

  • Two Customizable 4" Bases
  • Three inches of 5.3 Cloud9 Visco
  • Two inches of Plush 3.3 Cloud9 Visco
  • Patented Expand-A-Cover
  • Not For Resale
  • Shipped in 4 separate packages
  • Assembly Required 

( Exclusively developed by Cloud9 bedding.)

Cloud9 out performs and relieves pressure points better than the leading competitor with innovative technology and better formulation to help you sleep through the night without tossing and turning, allowing you to awake refreshed and renewed after a good nights sleep.

 Don't pay over $2500.00 retail for this item. The winning bidder gets this marvelous memory foam mattress delivered to their front door! Good luck!!

The "Cloud9 Celebrity Sleep System" will kindle a sincere delight when it's time to retire for the night. Our exclusive, "Featherlight" dual density formula makes you feel like you are floating on CLOUD 9, sailing forth into a sea of enchanted dreams.

This supple visco-elastic material allows for freedom and ease of bodily movement, so you can snuggle into a comfortable position and sleep like a baby from the time you go to bed until you awaken refreshed and renewed, prepared to take on the day.

Our proprietary formula establishes our luxuriant, "Featherlight" visco-elastic material light years beyond the competition. Which explains why our reputation is renowned throughout the bedding industry.

The Cloud9 Celebrity Mattress Featherlight Sleep System is a unique four part component system that integrates two 4" supportive core mattress components for structure and balance. The third component is the 5.3 Cloud93" memory foam topper and the fourth is a 2" super plush layer of  3.3 Cloud9visco-elastic memory foam.  

One base is a moderate density and the other is firm density which allows you to choose the firmness you prefer. Cloud9 Celebrity mattress utilizes our distinctively designed integration of 4 multiple layers that work synergistically and uniquely to provide you with the perfect balance of pressure-relieving comfort and therapeutic support.

The top visco-elastic layer of 3.3 Cloud9 material (comfort layer) is a softer formula that reacts immediately to your body’s heat and weight, distributing pressure relief to where you need it the most.. The material instantly begins to conform to every curve and contour of your body.  

As your body descends into the 3.3 Cloud9 visco-elastic material, the scientifically developed 5.3 Cloud9visco-elastic support layer completely absorbs and distributes your body weight evenly while your spine is supported in perfect alignment. Those painful pressure points will finally find the relief they need which greatly reduces tossing and turning and allows you to sleep throughout the night.

The Cloud9 Customizable Mattress Cushion System is made from independent layers of foam and an expandable mattress pad that fits down over the top and around the sides to provide easy access for dual purpose use as needed. These independent foam layers have a dual purpose as seat cushions when used independently and as a mattress when they are layered one on top of the other. The Cloud9 Customizable Mattress Cushion System has been designed to be installed exclusively in recreational vehicles and or the cab of a semi-tractor to be used as motor vehicle equipment as the term is defined in 15 U.S.C. section 1391(4)² of the US Code.

All of our components are Hypo-allergenic and Antimicrobial. It meets all flammability standards as well as being a superior material compared to all conventional mattress systems.    

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal-King sizes. A scientifically advanced "next generation" superior memory foam mattress used for comfort and the reduction of pressure points. 

Cloud9® manufactures their products in a vacuum chamber with constant atmospheric conditions, eliminating the inconsistencies that fluctuations in barometric pressure, temperature and humidity cause in ordinary foam. The end result, every single foam component meets the same exacting standards. The unique combination of proprietary chemistry and controlled pressure possible with VPF also improves performance and durability.

So, whether it's used in pillows or mattresses, Cloud9 foam provides a softer, more consistent feel for years to come. That's an advantage that only VPF manufacturing makes possible. And finally, Cloud9’s patented VPF process is also emissions free, making Cloud9 foam the environmentally responsible choice. 

Our newest mattress sleep-system is equal to, or greater than any leading brand mattress available in the marketplace as proven by scientific pressure mapping studies. Our Cloud9 Celebrity Featherlight Sleep System is shipped in four separate packages, the perfect fit for those customers who want a choice to create the perfect sleep system for themselves with over six customizable configurations by using the medium firm base on top or the firm base on top, as well as choosing which memory foam topper they would like for the sleep surface. Like the leading brand, you will receive all the benefits at a fraction of the cost!

If this is your first experience with us, we would like to welcome you.  If you are a previous customer, welcome back.  Thank you for looking and for your interest in our high quality memory foam products.  Please visit our EBAY STORE for more wonderful memory foam products.  We have more memory foam mattress products available through our EBAY STORE in these sizes:

  • TWIN
  • FULL
  • KING
  • 38 x 75
    38 x 80
    54 x 75
    60 x 80
    76 x 80
    72 x 84

    Sleep Better With Memory Foam!
    Compare our memory foam mattress pad to Tempur-pedic ® and SAVE!

    Visco-elastic foam - memory foam - provides an ideal sleeping surface. In normal temperatures it is firm, but when you lay down to sleep it reacts to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape. Weight is then distributed evenly along the surface, relieving pressure and helping you to sleep more soundly without tossing and turning.

    Cloud9™ Memory Foam
    Contours perfectly and molds to your body
    Superior pressure relief reduces back pain
    Increased circulation for a deep sleep

    These mattresses are fully customizable and adjustable. The dual density design provides superior pressure point releif.

    100% Visco-Elastic Memory Foam
    First Quality. No Seconds or Irregulars
    Made in the USA
    SAVE up to 90 %


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