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Complete Cockpit Dynon Skyview / Garmin Autopilot Engine Monitoring System Ads-b on

US $250,000.00

Greeley, Colorado, United States

Greeley, Colorado, United States

This is a Complete Cockpit setup to include Dynon Skyview, stack of Garmin radios, Autopilot, & Engine Monitoring System that is currently up for auction. This is a no reserve auction and will sell to the highest bidder. Guaranteed to work and pass your inspection or your money back.

This was removed out of a experimental aircraft working when removed.

Think of the 1000's you will save by not having to pay an avionic shop to bundle / mate all of these together.  It has been done for you.  A few wires have been cut, but they are labeled to make it easy for you to reinstall in your aircraft

Main Functions:

  • The displays have a multi-function use that can display engine data, a moving map, altitude, attitude, TCAS, EFIS, ADAHRS, IFR, GPS, Synthetic Vision and much more.

Radio Panel Kit:

This kit comes with a wiring harness with hardly any cut wires.

  • PS Engineering Audio Selector Panel
    • P/N: 050-880-0100
    • M/N: PMA8000-SR
    • S/N: G05475
    • Comes with tray
    • Volts: 14
  • Garmin GNS 430 WAAS GPS
    • P/N: 011-01060-00
    • S/N: 23426257
    • Volts: 14-28
    • Mods: 1-7
    • Garmin TAWS / Terrain Data (010-10201-21, 1996-2005)
    • Jeppesen Nav Data (1992-2011)
    • Comes with tray
  • Garmin SL30 VHF Navigation / Communication Radio
    • P/N: 430-6040-303
    • S/N: 25906757
    • Mods: W, AB, AC, AD, & AE
    • Comes with tray
  • Garmin GTX 330 Transponder
    • P/N: 011-00455-00
    • S/N: 84135279
    • Mods: 1 & 2
    • Volts: 14-28
    • Comes with tray

Computer Modules:

  • Vertical Power Control Unit (Volts: 4-32, Amps: 60, S/N: 246R)
  • Backup Battery (M/N: SV-BAT-320)
    • Battery will provide a hour of backup power to both display modules.
  • Engine Monitoring Module (M/N: SV-EMS-220)
    • This module provides the interface between the display, engine, and aircraft sensors.
    • Module can measure Tach, Manifold Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, CHT, EGT, Voltage, Current.
  • Compatability Module (GPS Receivers, M/N: SV-ARINC-429)
    • This module is responsible for making the skyview components compatable for other GPS receivers, and integration of Garmin 430 / 530 radios.
  • SV-ADAHRS-200 & SV-ADAHRS-201
    • These two modules are used for accurately measuring for the inertial, magnetic, and air data that is used for the Airspeed, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Turn Rate, & Angle of Attack
    • Modules include a couple probes.


  • Zaon Flight Systems Portable Collision Avoidance System (M/N: XRX-ONYX, S/N: 37049)
  • Vertical Power Switch Panel (M/N: VP-100, S/N: 170)
  • Dual Touchscreen Displays (M/N: SV-D1000)


  • Autopilot Servos
    • P/N: 100754-000
    • Voltage: 10-30
    • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Dynon Avionics Antenna GPS / Receiver (M/N: SV-GPS-2020)
  • Antenna (P/N: C598501-0103)
  • Garmin GA 35 GPS Antenna (P/N: 013-00235-00, S/N 49173)


I will not end the auction early and will ride it out till the very end. This makes it fair to everyone who has interest in buying this item.


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