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Engine Gasket Kit J Engine J1200 J1300 J1500 J1600 Old Datsun Models on

US $32.02

Aguascalientes, Mexico

Aguascalientes, Mexico
Condition:New Manufacturer Part Number:10101 B3025 Warranty:Yes Other Part Number:JMRN5350 Country of Manufacture:Taiwan, Province of China

Engine Gasket Kit J Engine J1200 J1300 J1500 J1600 Old Datsun models

Complete Gasket Kit for J Engine.

12279-09400 Crankshaft Oil Seal
12287-09400 Front Bearing Cap Oil Seal
12280-B3000 Rear Bearing Cap Side Oil Seal
11033-B3400 Cylinder SIde Cover Gasket X2
11035-30000 Screw Washer Set
11121-B3400 Oil Pan Gasket
13207-06000 Valve Rubber Ring X8
11062-30000 Water Outlet Washer Joint
14035-13200 Manifold to Cylinder Head Gasket
15056-30000 Oil Pump to Cylinder Gasket
15239-B3400 Oil Filter to Cylinder Block Gasket
16174-13200 Insulating Carburetor Gasket
21074-13200 Water Pump Gasket
22179-B3400 Distributor Support Gasket
13044-B3400 Timing Chain Case Cover Gasket
13044-B3401 Timing Chain Case Cover Gasket
17099-21002 Fuel Pump Paking
11044-A3800 Cylinder Head Gasket

Fit for:
EU                              140J / 160J Violet -                                  - 710 1973 Jan - 1977 May J14/16 Engine (Not for L14/16/18 Engine)
EU                              140J / 160J Violet -                                  - 711 1976 Feb - 1977 May J14/16 Engine (Not for L14/16/18 Engine)
USA                            Datsun Truck -                                         - 520 1965 Aug - 1968 Jul J13 Engine
USA                            Bluebird -                                                 - 410 1963 Sep - 1965 May J12 Engine (Not for C10 E12 Engine)
USA                            Bluebird -                                                 - 411 1966 Oct - 1967 Aug J13 Engine (Not for R16 Engine)
USA                            Datsun Truck -                                         - 521 1968 Jul - 1972 Feb J13/15 Engine (Not for L16 Engine)
Global                         Datsun Truck -                                         - 620 1972 Feb - 1975 Oct J13/15 Engine (Not for L16 Engine)
Global                         Datsun Truck -                                         - 620 1975 Oct - 1979 Sep J16 Engine (Not for L16/18/20B Engine)
Global & EU              Urvan Caravan -                                       - E23 1980 Jul - 1987 Jan J16 Engine (Not for H20 Engine)
Global                         Caravan Homy -                                      - E20 1973 Feb - 1980 Jul J15/16 Engine (Not for H20 Engine)
Global                         Cabster Homer -                                      - F20 1973 Feb - 1980 Jul J15/16 Engine
USA & EU                 Datsun-510 / 160J Violet Auster / Stanza A10 1977 May - 1981 Jun J14/J16 Engine (Not for A14 Engine)
Global                         Datsun Truck -                                         - 720 1979 Jun - 1985 Dec J16 Engine (Not for Z20/22 Z24 L20B J18 Engine)

This kit is for J engine Equipped Model except J18 Engine. J18 exists only in Mexico and its exhaust holes are larger than other J engine.

OEM Number: 10101 B3025

Gross Weight: 0.70KG / 1.54LBS

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3.00 KG6.61 lbsUS$42.16US$61.91US$84.95
4.00 KG8.82 lbsUS$46.14US$71.52US$95.22
5.00 KG11.02 lbsUS$50.11US$81.13US$102.34
6.00 KG13.23 lbsUS$54.08US$90.74US$118.12
7.00 KG15.43 lbsUS$58.06US$100.35US$133.89
8.00 KG17.64 lbsUS$67.67US$109.96US$149.66
9.00 KG19.84 lbsUS$72.02US$119.56US$165.45
10.00 KG22.05 lbsUS$82.71US$129.17US$181.22
11.00 KG24.25 lbsUS$87.40US$138.78US$196.99
12.00 KG26.46 lbsUS$99.19US$148.39US$212.76
13.00 KG28.66 lbsUS$104.24US$158.00US$228.53
14.00 KG

30.86 lbs

15.00 KG33.07 lbsUS$114.36US$177.22US$260.09
16.00 KG35.27 lbsUS$136.41US$201.20US$275.86
17.00 KG37.48 lbsUS$140.87US$211.56US$291.63
18.00 KG39.68 lbsUS$145.32US$221.90US$307.41
19.00 KG41.89 lbsUS$149.77US$232.25US$323.19
20.00 KG44.09 lbsUS$153.98US$242.59US$338.96

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