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Harley Oil Cooler All Twincams Flhx Flhr Flhri Roadking No Tools Required on

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Barberton, Ohio, US

Barberton, Ohio, US
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  Have you seen the Brand New Harley Davidson 2009 Models and up? Many of the new models have a way of disabling the rear cylinder in traffic to keep the engine at safe operating temperatures: They know! They’ve had a problem for years! The “Cool Collar” has been way ahead of them for 11 years!!!! If you love your bike or you’ve added any performance items: You need an oil cooler. We recommend Synthetic Oil too for even more cooling after your bike has been broken in. 20,000+ Cool Collars are currently in service. Over 10,000 positive feedbacks at this time.  Please check "My Other listings" for "Buy It Now" pricing & immediate delivery. As a Rule all: Twincam engines take the same Twincam Cooler & all Evo engines will take the same Evo Cooler. We only make the two styles of coolers & they fit all Harleys from 1990 & up.


                 These “ PATENTED” Show Polished Billet Aluminum Heat Sink Oil Coolers simply slip right over your existing Harley factory oil filter. These coolers are really popular with the Buell Road Racer's Message Boards all over the world.

   These Heat Sink Oil Coolers fit all Harley Davidson  engines with spin on oil filters, we have Two styles to cover all Harley V-Twins with Spin On Oil Filters. The Twincam and The Evo style. The Evo style fits all 883, 1200 Sportster and Buell Engines and all 1340 Evo engines with Spin-On Oil Filters. The Evo coolers fit all aftermarket engines such as S&S & Rev rek etc.

This cooler tries to equal the temperatures on both sides of itself, the hotter the oil gets the harder it works! It's a heat Sink, like a radiator for your oil.

              The Twincam cooler fits all Twincam & Twincam “B” engines ever made. 

              If you have an S&S model or any other Harley look-alike engine you will need an Evo Cooler Auction. Please see the auction titles for your engine’s cooler.

    The Evo design has almost a one inch gap machined though it for several reasons.

            Number one; it allows the cooler to be slipped onto the filter without disturbing the alternator or crank sensor wire harness plug.

           Number two; It allows the cooler to have a good grip for full contact on the surface of the filter. It simply holds on all by itself, there isn’t even any adhesive or clamps tpoinstall, it holds on all by iself.


              You will notice that the Twincam cooler is modified and almost machined in half and knife edged. The reason for this is that there are motormount bosses cast into the front of the block on those engines that would not allow the original “Cool Collar” to slide on. Hence: We modified the Evo cooler to fit the Twincam Engines and there is no difference in the cooling ability since the fins are out front and in the cool airflow where the heat transfer takes place.

  As You can see here; These coolers were introduced at 59.00 each in the Harley Accessory Catalog in 1997.  Our contract with Harley Davidson has expired several years ago and we have severed our ties with them.

  We are the Patent Holders and make these ourselves. This Cool Collar is specifically designed to fit on all Harley Davidson engines with the standard over the counter Harley Brand Spin On Oil Filters.

             It's made from 6061 aircraft quality billet T-6 aluminum, the best metal for the job. 

  This cooler is a high transfer rate "PATENTED HEAT SINK" design that removes at least 20 degrees of engine heat EVERY time oil passes through the oil filter. This was from the results of Harley Factory Engineer's testings.

  This cooler can be installed in TEN SECONDS on most models, others models may require loosening the shifter to get at the filter and that only takes a minute or two. Other coolers on the market that take all afternoon to install, invade the oil system, affect the warranty and cannot be removed in cold weather. They take all day to connect fittings, run ugly hoses and clamps. You then drill holes, mount the parts and hope you have no leaks!

             An oil filter change is a snap! You simply push the “COOL COLLAR” back off with the wooden end of a hammer. You simply hitthe business end of teh hammer with the butt of your hand & the coole rwill come off with 3-4 mild hits. While you have the cooler off it’s easily polished by using a good metal polish & an old shoe string to clean inside the fins.

  Our cooler will not affect your factory warranty, since it is “non-invasive” to the lubricating system. You simply push the "Cool Collar" over the oil filter to install and push it off in colder weather or to change the filter. It stays on by being machined a few thousandths under on the bore than the outter OD of your filter.

  By design this cooler grips the filter with an interference fit, not using any clamps, or screws which have a tendency to vibrate loose and no adhesives are involved. We are priced cheaper than the cheap pot metal decorative covers that actually increase oil temps. There is a reason why the factory engineers put the filter in the front of the motor and it wasn't so you could cover it with a decorative potmetal can. The "Cool Collar" works just like the fins on your engine to remove heat and just like the heat sink fins cooling the processor that is running this computer!

   Harley Factory Tests have shown the "Cool Collar” to drop oil temperature coming out of the filter a steady 21 degrees on a 70 degree day at 55 mph.
Your oil is cooled immediately before it has to do it's job. Fat Fendered and Performance bikes run a little warmer and need cooling protection more than ever as does any engine that has performance parts added to it. In a nutshell; You are burning more fuel making more BTU’s your oil is going to be hotter.

  CUSTOMIZING? The "COOL COLLAR" can actually be pinstriped in the grooves with any standard automotive 1/8 inch striping tape to compliment your bike's paint colors. These coolers were featured in all of the popular motorcycle magazines when introduced in 97. Over 20,000 of these coolers are in use so far. You will never find a nicer more efficient piece "Billet" of hardware at this price for your bike.

  Your cooler will not be shipped in an original Harley Box unless you ask for it. We find the HD boxes are larger & most times you will have to go to your local Post Office to get your cooler since the original box will not fit in many mail boxes and they wind up back here most times. We ship daily.


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