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Jdm Stanley Street White Hyper Halogen Headlight Bulbs H1 90w 3500k on

US $69.99

New England, United States

New England, United States
Condition:New Brand:Stanley Raybrig Country/Region of Manufacture:Japan Manufacturer Part Number:14-1681


55W 90W

Listing is for a pair of genuine JDM Stanley/Raybrig halogen headlight bulbs Hyper Halogen Street White in H1 size.  This bulb puts out a soft 3500K white light with increased visibility.  Power consumption is the standard 12V 55W but with 90W-class output.  It requires no special relay harness and is safe for resin lens.  100% direct replacement of the stock/standard halogens.  Will not damage any parts in vehicle's electrical system.  Made in Japan.  Brand new in OEM packaging.

This bulb is designed for visibility and not solely for fashion statement.  It is whiter and much brighter than the standard 3200K version but it does not have a blue tint.  The bulb provides a good balance between style (color presentation) and practicality (brightness) with greater lifespan.  It delivers an excellent performance for all weather conditions including fog and snow.  The illustration above (third picture) shows an example of how bulbs with different color temperatures compare to the standard 3200K's and to each other.  For reference only.  Please note that the color temperature only indicates the color of the light being produced and has nothing to do with brightness.  Unlike Xenon/HID, halogen bulbs of 5000K and above normally do not have the ability to produce enough light output for the increased blue hue and thus may not be suitable to use in rain, fog, or snow.

NOTE: The “110W-class” designation in a standard 55W bulb only serves as a reference as to how much light the bulb can produce.  In other words, the bulb consumes 55W of power but can produce the light as bright as a 110W bulb would.  It does not necessarily suggest that the bulb produces light twice as bright.  These numbers are only meaningful when comparing bulbs from the same manufacturer as each manufacturer has its own reference standard (e.g. a 110W-class bulb from A brand may not be as bright as a 110W-class bulb from B brand).  These are high-performance or high-output bulbs and not high-wattage bulbs.  They are 100% compatible with the stock electrical system.

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