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King Kln 89b Ifr Gps, Ak-950 Annunciator Ka-92 Antenna Installation Manual & Kit on

US $1,425.00

Kent, Washington, United States

Kent, Washington, United States
Comes with new KA-92 antenna, new Ameri-King AK-950 L-KLN 89B 14 Annunciator and Relay, new Complete Installation Kit with Complete Installation Manual. KIng KLN-89B itself is in like new refurbished condition. It comes with its yellow tag from JA Air Center in Chicago. There is a $9 AA sized lithium backup battery inside the unit that can be replaced in a few minutes by your installer. We purchased the KLN 89B system to add IFR GPS capability to our airplane and never had the opportunity to install it.
Manufacturer Part Number:KLN-89B Compatible Model:KLN-94 Brand:King Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

King KLN-89B Panel Mount IFR GPS like new refurbished condition, New Ameri-King AK-950 Annunciator and GPS/NAV Relay, New KA-92 Antenna, New Complete Installation Kit and Complete Installation Manual.  For 12 volt electrical system.

Wouldn't we all love to have a new Garmin panel mount IFR approved GPS?  If you can afford $10,000 - $15,000 for the equipment and installation then I highly recommend this.  But if that seems a little pricey and you would like to add FAA approved IFR GPS approach and navigation capability to your airplane... adding a panel mount King KLN-89B TSO'd IFR GPS, and a TSO'd annunciator and relay to use an existing VOR Indicator is currently by far the most economical way to do it. 

For the KLN-89B GPS to be IFR approved it must have a TSO'd annunciator and be connected to an external indicator.  That is what the Ameri-King AK-950 Annunciator GPS/NAV Relay is for.  It adds the required annunciation and connects a VOR Indicator to the GPS.  A new 14 volt Ameri-King AK-950 for the KLN-89B is currently $710 at Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co..

A new King KA-92 antenna currently costs $759 at Gulf Coast Avionics.

Just the new annunciator and the new King antenna currently cost more than my Buy-It-Now Price for the entire system.

The King KLN-89B GPS is considered by most aircraft owners to be a better option than the King KLN-90B because the newer King KLN-94 GPS is slide in compatible with the KLN-89B which gives the owner an economical upgrade path for the future.  Unfortunately, the tray and accessories for the orphaned KLN90B are not compatible with any other system that I am aware of. 

The KLN-89B is very easy to learn; it is very well thought out and it has a simulator mode to practice with.  There are also free and inexpensive computer simulators to practice with along with a good manual and books that have been written to assist the student. 

Very few King KLN-89B GPS  systems on eBay come with everything included here.  It could easily turn into a very expensive project if you leave it up to your avionics installer to round up all of the new installation parts needed for an IFR installation that are included with this unit.  Just the new antenna and new annunciator/relay cost more than my Buy-It-Now price.

There are many amazing portable devices with GPS capability and beautiful displays now available, but VFR and hand-held GPS systems are still not authorized by the FAA for IFR navigation. They may be considered only as an aid to situational awareness. That is a quote from the FAA's Airmans Information Manual.  As far as IFR NAV by GPS is concerned, to use a GPS for IFR NAV it must comply with either TSO C129a or TSO C146 .  Both of these regs. require the equipment to be panel mounted. 

So how much does it matter what the FAA says is required for IFR GPS navigation?  As long as nothing goes wrong probably not that much.  But things are more likely to go wrong while you are flying in IFR conditions.  If something bad happens and it can be shown that you did not have the mandated equipment required for the IFR flight plan that you filed... regardless of the actual cause of the problem there is a good chance that you will not just have trouble with the FAA. Your insurance company or the insurance company of your passengers may deny whatever claims  that you, your passengers, or you, or your passengers' estates may file. 

If you want to use your iPad for IFR Navigation and your airplane does not have an FAA approved IFR GPS system installed, ask your insurance agent or provider to put it in writing that you do not need the FAA mandated equipment while flying an IFR flight plan that requires GPS.  If they will not give this written assurance, this obviously could cause a lot of additional problems if an incident were to occur in addition to the possible legal issues.  Sadly, that is just one of the reasons why this King KLN-89B system could be a very valuable addition to the avionics in your airplane if you intend to take advantage of the modern convenience of GPS Navigation during IFR flight. 

I have priced this complete King IFR GPS navigation and approach system very aggressively to sell it quickly.  So again this is a King KLN-89B GPS in like new refurbished condition with all new and complete installation kits, a new King GPS antenna and a new Ameri-King AK-950 Annunciator GPS/NAV Relay and complete installation manuals for airplanes with a 12 volt electrical system.  This is probably the most economical way to add FAA approved GPS navigation and approach capability to your airplane.  A KLN-89B system with all new (NOS) installation parts along with the installation manual does not come along often on eBay and especially not for less than what just the new annunciator and antenna are currently worth.  In aviation terms this will make your airplane legal to use for IFR GPS navigation and approach cheaply even if you are still mostly relying on your iPad, Galaxy Tab, or new Garmin Moving Map portable.  If you do not snatch this deal up, someone else probably will.

Everything is already packed in the box and we will ship it the same day that we get paid.  $30 will cover most of my expenses for USPS Priority Mail and insurance so it should get to you very quickly.  If you want it shipped internationally, I am only using the eBay Global Shipping Program so there will be additional expenses related to that.

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