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Luxurious Fur Seat Covers, Brown Mouton, Premium , Top Quality Sheepskin 1 Piece on

US $170.00

Yekaterinburg, default, Russian Federation

Yekaterinburg, default, Russian Federation
Condition:New Brand:AutoShic Warranty:Yes Color:Brown Country/Region of Manufacture:Russian Federation Manufacturer Part Number:AS001101001 Polished stitch:Unique design Placement on Vehicle:Left, Right, Front Premium quality muton:It leaves no marks on clothes Surface Finish:Easy Care Cutting with Pattern:Ideal for Chosen Vehicle

Mouton fur (North America) obeaver lamb (UK) is sheepskin which has been processed to resemble beaver or seal fur[. Mouton fur is lambskin whose hair has been straightened, chemically treated, and thermally set to produce a moisture repellent finish. Mouton is often dyed brown to resemble beaver, but it is also made in many other colors.

In summer temperatures of leather-seat can go up to 60-70°C that has a great impact on our good. The covers made of fur will prevent you from having this uncomfortable feeling. If you lay your fur cover on the leather-seat beforehand there will be no such problem because mouton and sheepskin can keep a temperature of the body.

Under the influence of the sunlight, the leather-seat covered with fur heats less. Besides the back of a driver and passengers do not sweat in the heat ,due to the fact that there is a thick layer of a undercoat ,which keeps a thin layer of the air over the entire surface.

The fur of the sheep can absorb up to 33 % and in the same time remaining dry. When person sits on a cover made from fur, under the influence of a temperature of the body, the moisture is constantly disappeared, remaining the fur in cool condition.

Beautiful – Practical

Our fur covers are versatile and look greatly in the inside of the car.

For many years automobiles were no longer considered as the means of transport. But today when we purchase a new car the main idea is how comfortable we will feel. What kind of the color of the car we prefer, what type of electronics and mechanisms help us to drive the car , the way we can use the climate control in the inside and, last but not least, we analyze the comfort of the driver's seat.

«Autoshic» company found a wonderful solution of the problem of a driver’s seat – it is a fur cover of a car seat made of mouton.

High-quality fur is simple and wear-resistant. It can be easily clean with a special rubber brush. It absorbs a great number of moisture at he same time remaining dry. In case of dirty marks you can send it to the dry-cleaner’s.

During the cold weather fur cover for a car will give you the atmosphere of warmth and cosiness in the inside of the car. If you get through because of snowfall or shower fur cover will take up all the moisture.

The fur covers enjoy a wide popularity by motorists of sunny and hot Australia. It is connected with the fact that mouton is not only warm fur ,but also it has a perfect air permeability that without any doubt drivers will appreciate. The fur cover prevents leather-seat and the inside of the car from heating (especially if it is a black cover). In this turn the ventilation of the cover prevents from getting wet because of perspiration, moreover with the help of this fact we don’t stick to the leather-seat.

Our fur covers are versatile and look greatly in the inside of the car.

Fur cover made from 100% natural, ecologically pure and safe for health materials.

Mouton doesn’t fade and in the contrast to artificial fur it doesn’t generate static electricity.

Our covers satisfy the highest standards of international requirements and suit to a great variety of cars. If you decide to purchase a cover – it is the right choice for the people who appreciate the quality, the style of the car and cosy atmosphere.

You can place an order and buy it now!

Several simple rules

It is easy to take care of our goods. You should take into consideration several following facts that are mentioned below:

You shouldn’t wet or sit on the fur in a wet clothes .In case of ingress of moisture, you should dry it at room temperatures far away from heat generating appliances.

With the help of a special brush, you can clean dirty marks.

You should avoid exposure to attrition of our goods. From time to time brush and air.

You shouldn’t keep your good in a packed form. Do not forget that it shouldn’t be located in direct sunlight.

Warranty of quality

Our product has a certificate and meets all the requirement of a State standard of Russian Federation. Our product made of high-quality Australian fur and without any doubt our covers will delight your eyes and bring luck for a long time.

We give a six-month warranty on our goods.

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