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Lyft / Uber Driver Emergency Bathroom Kit on

US $12.99

Willingboro, New Jersey, United States

Willingboro, New Jersey, United States

Lyft / Uber driver Emergency Bathroom  Kit

(1) Plastic Tool box
(10) Antibacterial wet wipes 
(1) 16 oz  Plastic emergency pee bottle
(1) Large ziploc bag ( Emergency pee bag)
(5) Vomit bags ( For driver or  rider sickness)
(5) Twistie Ties
(10) Disposable Gloves
(1)  Small (empty)  spray trigger bottle (for adding your own cleanser)
(Fill with water and add a squirt of dishwashing liquid works good)
(1) LED Flashlight ( 3 AAA Batteries not included)

This is a must have kit for any:

Rideshare Driver  (Uber/ Lyft )
Truck Driver
Family Trip  Driver
Taxi Driver
Long Distance Driver
Traffic Jams  ( sometimes they can last for hours)

When you can't get to a bathroom...why stand on the side of the road ,or worse in the bushes, in the cold or rain , when you have to go NOW !!!!!

This is a practical gift for anyone you know that is an Uber or Lyft driver - believe me they'll appreciate it !

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