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Mi2 on

US $11,111,111,111.00

new york, New York, United States

new york, New York, United States
Mi2, US $11,111,111,111.00, image 1

We sell the Mi-2 engines and reductors. We have:

We have many spare parts for Mi-2 helicopters. Engines, reducers, avionics, ...

P/P/N....Requested S/N

GTD-350 .. 481611157W
GTD-350 .. 481611009W
GTD-350 .. 481604204W
GTD-350 .. 481604108W
WR-2 ..... 4842120334PB
WR-2* .... 474284054PB ´
WR-2** ... 47427075PB

GTD-350 481611157W
GTD-350 481611009W
GTD-350 481604108W
WR-2 4842120334PB
WR-2 474284054PB
WR-2 47427075PB

From our wide range we have:

GTD-350 engines, WR-2 reducers, radio altimeters, fasteners, tools, brakes ...

Prices by agreement

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