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Mk3 Prelude Dark Grey Corner Lights 1990 Ba Ba3 Ba4 Rare Jdm Edm Honda Access on

US $45.00

Breda, NL

Breda, NL

Mesa is your number one JDM/EDM parts supplier. We have many JDM/EDM parts in stock and are able to source parts directly for you. Feel free to send us a message if you are looking for special parts!

For sale is a set of mk3 prelude dark grey corner lights. It is in good used condition, some minor user damage but nothing serious.   

Free shipping for small JDM/EDM parts, like coin pockets, side markers or cornerlights if you purchase them together with this item, contact us for options!  

All parts are sold as is and what you see is what you get. 

You can contact us through our facebook page: If you have any questions about this item or if you would like to have more pictures.

Eco cars named and shamed

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By Tim Pollard Motoring Issues 26 September 2007 10:19 A new report today exposes the real green cars - and there's not a hybrid in sight in the top 10, according to researchers at Cardiff University. Conventionally engined superminis dominate the top ranks. The scientists gave half their score based on each cars' emissions of CO2, NOx and other pollutants; the other half of the score was calculated from vehicles' construction, energy costs, recyclability and size.

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