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Prompaq Gmc Typhoon & Syclone - Gm Corvette/ Trans Am/ Camaro - Buick Gnx- Chips on

US $650.00

Grassau, Germany

Grassau, Germany

Probably the last brand new PROMPAQ available in the whole world!   PROMPAQ Chip , the only interactive chip selection device by  Adaptive Technologies

Back in the 90's I drove a heavily modified GMC Typhoon. One of the items I had installed in my car was the famous PROMPAQ box, the only interactive Performance Chip selection device available for GM / GMC cars. Lots of Corvette, Trans Am, Camaro,  Buick GNX and Typhoon & Syclone had it installed at that time in the 90's..... as the ultimate performance tool to run several chips at the same time. See pic # 4 for a short description.

Unfortunate the inventor of the PROMPAQ  box was forced by GM to stop producing it due to some copyright issues in 1997.  He sold the last stock he had manufactured via the US Typhoon / Syclone Drivers Association website and I managed to get literally hold of the last two available PROMPAQ boxes.

Of course I only needed  only one for my truck, but crazy as I was in those day,  - where I spent most of my money putting in this dark hole called my Typhoon, ......making it faster and quicker and more beautiful every year.  Anyway..... living in Germany / Europe I thought, it can't be bad to have a little storage of spares......  So I bought two of the PROMPAQ devices.  

The second one has never been used or installed. It was in it' s box and dry storage for almost 20 years now.  I found it recently again and was wondering if that device might be of use to someone who either has a problem with his installed PROMPAQ or someone who wants to upgrade his car.

The PROMPAQ box comes with data cable, selector switch assembly plus keys and instruction manual. I also still  have emails dated from 1997 confirming, that those were the last boxes produced.

Only downer is, as this was the last box ever manufactored, it does not have the PROMPAQ lettering on the top side. It is just plain metal.  But I photocopied back then the top side of my other box, so you might be able to transfer that lettering on this box. 

Please note EPROM chips are not part of the sale. And this is a private sale and I described the item to my best knowledge. All mentioned brands are owned by those companies, no copyright fringement intended.

The package will be shipped from Europe by air mail to worldwide destinations.   Shipping costs to USA will be 25 US $ for regular registered postal service.  Courier service available on request as well.

 Any other foreign bidder please contact me for price quote for shipping as I had problems listing in Ebay correct quotes.   

 Pls. be aware that depending on your location...  local customs fees might apply which I cannot estimate or control.  Thank you! 

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