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Repro Space Shuttle Switch Guards on

US $8.99

Southbridge, Massachusetts, United States

Southbridge, Massachusetts, United States
Condition:New Brand:Perihelion Design Warranty:Yes Manufacturer Part Number:PDM-005 Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

Space Shuttle Switch Guards

We asked NASA for their Rockwell-designed Space Shuttle titanium switch guards but they wanted $800 each (Your tax dollars at work!)…so we made our own hard-anodized aluminum masterpieces.

1.18" wide, 0.90" X 1.04.They fit the standard 12 mm or 15/32" bushing switches with a key slot.

We supply these Toggle Switch Guards to aerospace and military. 

We supply these in a CNC version to NASA (Orion) and the military but no longer offer CNC Guards to the public because of cost. The ones we now sell are precision investment castings (The original Space Shuttle Guards were cast Titanium) from A356-T6 aluminum (same as car alloy wheels and engines). Very rugged and look identical to the originals except theyre aluminum, so they’re 60% lighter. They are finished with a hard anodized coating.

 Investment cast hard anodized P/N PDM-005  Price: US$ 8.99 each

            (Thanks to Historic Space Systems)

 The get the discount price, simply offer it to ma and I will accept it. Switch not included of course.

Discount Schedule for PDM005 Space Shuttle Switch Guards. Delivery is usually off the shelf

       1- $ 8.99

    10- $ 8.55

    50- $ 7.44

  100- $ 6.63

  500- $ 5.47


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