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Sinergex Purewatts Msw Inverter 150w 24v on

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Poole, United Kingdom

Poole, United Kingdom
New old stock, box in worn condition.
Part Number:PWE-150-24

Sinergex PureWatts MSW Inverter 150W 24V
RRP: £32.99

PureWatts simply and silently converts 24V battery power into 230V AC mains electricity.

Unlike most Modified Sinewave DC/AC Inverters available on the web, PureWatts is designed using the highest quality components for excellent reliability.

PureWatts develops a Modified Sinewave (MSW) output. MSW is suitable for resistive and non-sensitive electronic loads. For example, recharging notebook computers, operating lighting, toasters, kettles etc. For sensitive audio/visual equipment etc, we recommend our Pure Sinewave Inverters.

Each PureWatts inverter is fitted with full protection against overload, short-circuit, overheat and high battery voltage. In the event of the batteries running down to 22V, the unit will provide an audible warning and shut down to prevent excessive battery discharge (useful in a vehicle because this reserves just enough power to restart the engine!).

Main Features:

  • Continuous rated output (most inverters are only rated for 30 minutes)
  • Full protection package to prevent you accidentally damaging the inverter (overload, overheat and short-circuit protection).
  • Low Battery Voltage / High Battery Voltage shut down
  • Solid aluminium casing with flange base - allows permanant installation if required
  • Supplied with 2x Wiring Kits. One with a cigar lighter attachment for portable use and the other with hardwire terminals for a permanent installation.


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