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One Hundred Mile House, BC, Canada

One Hundred Mile House, BC, Canada

Drivers against remote stopping devices

Mon, 31 Mar 2014

EU PLANS to introduced remote stopping devices that can be activated by the police in an emergency have been met with concern by drivers. Under the proposed legislation a six-year timetable for remote stopping devices is planned with the aim of police being able to bring dangerous high-speed car chases to a halt. A device would be fitted to all cars that would allow a central control room to cut the ignition and fuel supply of any vehicle.

Top Gear to do ‘Economy’

Tue, 30 Dec 2008

Don’t think for a minute that we’re going to lose the supercar stunts we know and love, and see them replaced by the charms of a Kia Cee’d economy run, but Top Gear, in common with the rest of the Beeb, is having its budget cut – apparently. Andy Wilman, who is the brains behind TG (and its producer) together with Jeremy Clarkson, has been bemoaning the budget cuts planned for the show on the TG website. He said: ‘No point in moaning about that.

Kentucky bourbon-powered car: Because gas isn't expensive enough

Mon, 25 Apr 2011

We're filing this one under “urban legends” until we get further confirmation, but a Kentucky man has reportedly built a homemade car that runs on bourbon whiskey. Why would 62-year-old Mickey Nilsson of Bardstown do such a thing? He allegedly was inspired by the movie Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang and by the hosts of the reality-TV show American Pickers.