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Sport Aircraft ,plans Daisy Mae Biplane Cr 80mph-21 Pages 24"x18" 1 50"x18" #11 on

US $99.00

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States
tHEY ARE NEW, UNUSED factory stapled on one edge. There are 21 pages 24"X 18" and 1 page 50"x18" that is a full size wing rib. The plans are serial #11.
Warranty:No Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

This auction is for a complete set of  NEW plans for the  DAISY MAE (REESE)  LSA, 2 PLACE BIPLANE.AIRCRAFT. 

Wing span 23 ft. ..
,Wing Area - 173', Fuselage length- 18.5',  height - 7',    
Empty weight - 780 lb.     Normal flying weight - 1100 lb. 
Gross weight - 1399 lb.  
Cruise Speed, 80 MPH   Stall Speed, 40 MPH
Landing Speed, 55 MPH
Horizontal Area - 22.8s.f.
Vertical Area - 10.1 s.f.
Vertical tail vol.- .026, 
 Main cockpit dim. 27"wide x 26"   Wing loading at gross 7 lb per s.f.
Pwr. Loading at gross - 13 lb. (100 h.p.)
Rec. Engines - 85 to 115 h.p.
Max. Pilot Wt. - 250 lb.                                                                       

Max. Baggage - 20 lb.  
Prop - 74 x 33...  Cont Motor 0-200 SERIES  
Wing Incidence - 3 deg. both, ...                                                                          

Plans for Daisy Mae, biplane, consist of 22 pages that are sized 18 by 24, with full size rib (50"X 18")  Each plan has a serial number ( #11) and carries a copyright.  Each page has dimensions so that you will know the exact size of everything you need to build and has many 3 dimensional drawings and exploded views for ease of understanding. 

Daisy Mae is an all wood and fabric, experimental, light sport, biplane that received her air-worthiness certificate in Sept of 2005.
Since that time she has many successful hours of flight & as a result, I have written a book about how to design your own airplane and now offer my book, The Making of Daisy Mae ($35),  & a $15 DVD information pack.


An optional  DVD includes many slides of the biplane model as well as many construction photos of the full sized airplane as it was being built, so that you can see how straight forward the building process really is.  It also includes a few slides of the actual plan pages, so that again you can see that they are well detailed, accurate and crisp.  I have further included several videos of Daisy Mae biplane in flight 

optional instruction book contents:


The Thought Process, Why design, Design Parameters, Rules of Thumb, Moments, The Wing, Balance, Airfoil - Thrust Line, Washout - Incidence, Neutral Point, Books - Tools - People, Basic Math, Airfoil Plot,Control Lift, Estimating, The Cockpit, Begin Weight & Balance, Figuring Moments, Spar, Geodetics, Ribs & Placement, Engine Compartment, Templates, Scaling Up, Jigs - Templates & Other Interesting Stuff, Rib Jig, Aileron Hinging, Laminated Wing Tips, D Section, Differential Aileron Travel, Basic Control System, The Fuselage, Making it square, Gussets & Dowels, Lofting, Laying it out, Work Bench, The Vertical & Horizontal Surfaces, Motor Mount Jig, Landing Gear & Fuel System, Bungee or Spring, The Jig, Camber&Toe-In,Tank Layout & Template , Baffles, Attachment ,Tank vs. Mock Up, Placement , Fiberglass Parts & Engine Stuff, Making Fiberglass Templates & Plugs, Shaping & Laying the Glass, Forming the Cowling, Finishing the Cowl Contour, Other Fiberglass Parts, Carb Heat Box, Air Filter Box & Eyebrows,Firewall Grommets, Wiring Diagram, Fuel Shut Off Valve, Check Lists & Thinking, Flight Time & Instructor, Useful Conversions, Pick The Cloth, The Paint System, Inspection & Failure Considerations, The Total Procedure in Covering, Bias Tape & the First Part To Cover, Rib Stitch Spacing & Tying, Fabric Layout, Drain Grommets, Making Decals, Wing Ready to Stitch, Wing Holding Jig, Stitching-Prep & Foo-Paws, Dog Biscuits, Dog Biscuits, Rib Stitching, Painting, Helpful Tips, Trim, Lettering & Detail ,Cable Exits, Boot Cowl, Cabane Fairings, Antenna ground plane, Covering the fuselage & Landing Gear, Attachment of the Wheel Pants, Making cable exits, General painting thoughts, Lettering & stencils, Cockpit coaming, Upholstery, More Weight & Balance, Airworthiness, Taxi & fuel testing, The flight.

Just don't blame me when members of the opposite sex want to be around you all of the time and you find yourself surrounded by envious onlookers everywhere you land. You will simply have to allow more time at each airport or Fly-In. So if you land and have to pee .. run, don't walk to the nearest potty otherwise you might wet yourself while answering questions.
    Satisfaction for a Lifetime

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