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Sport Aircraft ,plans Lm-tc-w Taylorcraft 10 Pages 19ft X 36"&12,3,7ft Cost $350 on

US $149.00

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States
Condition:New Warranty:No Country/Region of Manufacture:United States Compatible Make:Taylorcraft

This auction is for a complete set of 10 NEW plans prints for the LM-TC-W "LIGHT MINIATURE AIRCRAFT. Complete set of FULL SIZE aircraft plans cost $350.00 (THEY ARE TO FULL SCALE).

There are 2 sheets 19 ft. 5" X 36", 4 sheets 12 ft. X 36", 2 sheets 7 ft. X 36" and 2 sheets 3 ft. X 36" The plans were drawn in 12/2002 BY F. McCALLUM...

The LM-TC-W is a full-sized two-seats in side-by-side configuration- Taylorcraft replica in wood and fabric covered.

LMA Taylorcraft Replica Aircraft Kit parts available

LMA's Taylorcraft is a Full Size, Exact Scale Replica Fashioned in Wood. Very Fast Building, And Economical To Build, It Conforms To The New LSA Rules! This LMA Taylorcraft LM-TC-W is an EXACT, Full Scale, Two Place Side by Side REPLICA in Wood. It may be built to conform to the New LSA Rules, with a Rotax 65 HP 582 Engine up to and including a 90 HP Continental or equivalent. The Kit is a materials kit, but most of the metal parts are cut from Aluminum Extrusions, making fabrication very fast and inexpensive, with no welding (except for the Engine Mount). It is very easy to build even for the novice or first time builder. Building time can be as low as 12 to 16 months depending on many personal factors. Exclusions are listed on the Kit Price List but are available from other LMA affiliates listed in the Manuals.

Note: Materials subject to "Designer" Changes and Adjustments. Listing given to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice. 

Wicks aircraft offers the following kits

    $69.15Rudder Pedal Control
LMTC-C02$215.44Rudder Hardware
LMTC-C03$62.64Control Metal
LMTC-C04$283.57Seatbase Kit
LMTC-C05$66.71Control Hardware
LMTC-C06$87.18Elevator Control
LMTC-C07$283.57Elevator Control Hardware
LMTC-C08$23.78Aileron Control
LMTC-C09$380.36Aileron Control Hardware
LMTC-E01$380.58Empennage Wood
LMTC-E02$85.06Empennage Metal
LMTC-E03$52.36Empennage Hardware
LMTC-F01$1,190.80Fuselage Wood
LMTC-F02$1,408.58Fuselage Plywood
LMTC-F03$318.99Fuselage Metal
LMTC-F04$152.77Fuselage Miscellaneous
LMTC-F05$318.10Fuselage Hardware
LMTC-L01$95.22Landing Gear Metal
LMTC-L02$35.22Landing Gear Hardware
LMTC-L03$641.66Landing Gear/Wheels
LMTC-M01$623.35Fabric Covering
LMTC-W01$874.57Wing Rib Kit

$1,760.02Wing Spruce & Plywood
$700.74Wing Metal Struts Kit
$183.95Wing Hardware Kit

All of the Light Miniature Aircraft Manuals, are approximately 200 pages. Each manual has step-by-step instructions, for each section of the plane, as well as figures, drawings and full size templates to guide the builder through the building process. Each manual also comes with a complete set of full size plans for the fuselage and tail feathers as well as full size templates for the wing ribs, landing gear and items such as the wind shield. 
The wooden planes are constructed in the same manner. 
Plans and manuals are still available for our metal planes, however, due to rising aluminum costs and availability problems, Light Miniature Aircraft no longer supply kits for the air frames of the metal planes. Some partial kits, for items like the controls or landing gear were still available.
The LM-2X-2P, first flown in 1987,  has a bonded aluminium airframe.

Scale: 75%. 
Engine: Rotax 447, 40 hp. 
Speed max: 75 mph. 
Cruise: 65 mph. 
Range: 150 sm. 
Stall: 26 mph. 
ROC: 550 fpm. 
Take-off dist: 200 ft. 
Landing dist: 300 ft. 
Fuel cap: 5 USG. 
Weight empty: 325 lbs. 
Gross: 600 lbs. 
Height: 5.8 ft. 
Length: 16.5 ft. 
Wing span: 30 ft. 
Wing area: 120 sq.ft. 
Seats: 1. 
Landing gear: tail wheel.

Scale: 87%. 
Engine: Hirth, 65 hp. 
HP range: 65-85. 
Speed max: 100 mph. 
Cruise: 85 mph. 
Range: 175 sm. 
Stall: 40 mph. 
ROC: 550 fpm. 
Take-off dist: 350 ft. 
Landing dist: 450 ft. 
Fuel cap: 9.5 USG. 
Weight empty: 450 lbs. 
Gross: 875 lbs. 
Height: 5.75 ft. 
Length: 18.25 ft. 
Wing span: 32.5 ft. 
Wing area: 143.5 sq.ft. 
Seats: 2. 
Landing gear: tail wheel.

LM-2X-2P –W

Engine: Hirth, 65 hp
HP range: 65-85
Top speed: 100 mph
Cruise: 85 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Range: 175 sm
Rate of climb: 550 fpm
Takeoff dist: 350 ft
Landing dist: 450 ft
Fuel capacity: 9.5 USG
Empty weight: 450 lb
Gross weight: 875 lb
Height: 5.9 ft
Length: 18.3 ft
Wing span: 32.5 ft
Wing area: 143.5 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tailwheel

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