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Superchips Flashpaq Diesel Tuner 1808 on


Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Condition:Used Brand:Superchips Surface Finish:plastic Manufacturer Part Number:1808 Warranty:No Placement on Vehicle:Front Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

How it Works:
The Flashpaq programmer connects to the OBD2 port of
the vehicle through the attached OBD2 cable. The Flashpaq
downloads and stores the stock engine and transmission
fi le to the device memory. The user then answers questions
to select desired options and chooses one of three tuning
programs offered by Superchips. Once the program is chosen
by the user the Superchips fi les are uploaded (programmed)
to the engine control module and the transmission control
module to optimize vehicle performance including the options
chosen by the user.
The Superchips Flashpaq programmer is the only tuning device on the market of its kind that can program both the transmission control
module (TCM) and the engine control module (ECM). This capability allows Superchips to ensure that transmission settings are optimized
to function properly with the changes to fueling through the engine control module (ECM) and therefore improve overall drivability.
Engine Tuning Options:
Superchips offers three performance programs in addition to the
ability to return the vehicle back to factory/stock settings.
• Stock: This is the original fi le created by the vehicle manufacturer.
The user has the option at any time to completely restore the vehicle
ECM and TCM to the original stock status. The ECM/TCM operating
systems are not permanently modifi ed in any way.
• Transmission Only: With this program only the TCM is
reprogrammed by the Flashpaq. This program will improve shift fi rmness and shift points to enhance vehicle performance. Quicker, fi rmer
upshifts and downshifts will be achieved and will enhance both 0-60 and 1/4 mile track times.
• Performance Tow: This program is recommended for towing applications. Please note that this program does not in any way raise the
vehicle manufacturer specifi ed tow limit of the vehicle. This Performance Tow program provides an increase of 51.3 rear wheel horsepower
and 110 lbs. ft. of torque.
• Performance: This program will produce 77.8 additional rear wheel horsepower and 146.3 lbs. ft. of torque. This program is designed
for performance applications and should not be used when towing.
• Redline Performance Tunes: Superchips will offer a “Redline” tune that provides an extreme level of performance for enthusiasts
interested in racing or other extreme off-road applications. This tune will be downloadable from the Superchips Internet update system at
an additional charge. Once downloaded to the Flashpaq device this will appear as an additional (fourth) performance program available to
the user.
Flashpaq Features:
• Speed Limiter: The vehicle manufacturer limits the speed of the vehicle using a speed limiter. Superchips provides an option to remove
the speed limiter. The vehicle speed limiter removal feature is intended for race applications only and should never be used for speeding
on public roads or highways. If the speed limiter is removed the consumer must ensure the vehicle is properly equipped for racing and to
handle speeds in excess of the factory speed limiter.
• Diagnostic Trouble Codes: The Superchips Flashpaq can be used as a scan tool to retrieve and clear diagnostic trouble codes. This
feature allows the user or dealer to understand the purpose and meaning of a “check engine” lights triggered by the vehicle’s computer.
• Speedometer Correction (coming soon): This feature allows the consumer to recalibrate the vehicle speedometer to provide an
accurate reading when larger or smaller aftermarket wheels and/or tires are added to vehicle. This will be offered as a free feature upgrade
to the product that can be downloaded via the Superchips Internet update system.
• Data Acquisition: This basic Data Logging package allows users to log speed and distance with their Flashpaq handheld device. Popular
tests include 0-60 times, quarter and eighth mile speeds and holeshots. Download it today free of charge.
• Internet Updateability: The Flashpaq is fully Internet updateable via Superchips state-of-the-art Internet update system. Users can
add new features, application support for new model years (2009, 2010 6.4L models), and custom tunes.
2008 Ford F-250 & F-350 6.4L Powerstroke
Tuning Level* HP Gain Torque Gain
Performance 77.8 HP 146.3 ft/lbs
Performance Tow 51.3 HP 110 ft/lbs
Transmission Only Optimizes transmission performance.
*Performance results may vary by application.
Flashpaq P/N 1808 Product Data Sheet
P/N 1808 6.4L Ford Powerstroke F-250/350 Product Data Sheet

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