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Teleflex Ssx176 Xtreme Nfb Rotary Steering Kit on


Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

 Teleflex SSX176 Xtreme NFB Rotary Steering Kit

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Teleflex SSX176 Xtreme NFB Rotary Steering Kit

The Teleflex SSC176 Xtreme NFB Rotary Steering System is designed to deliver the most efficient mechanical steering possible. Least effort, least lost motion, smooth release of NFB clutch with the best holding power. 


  • 30% reduction in Steering wheel effort compared to the 4.2 Helm. 
  • Quick connect feature on both Cable and spent travel tube side.
  • Normal Steering Cable installation side marked on casting.
  • No tools required to snap Steering Cable or spent travel tube in place.
  • Quicker install for the builder.  Easy system installation, single Steering Cable to route with
    standard 8 inch bend radius for the Cable.
  • No bleeding of hydraulic system or electrical wiring required.
  • Fits standard Teleflex dash cut out with standard Safe-T and 4.2
  • Gear train is custom designed by Teleflex to allow the smallest foot print with the lowest effort available in a mechanical Helm.

Select Your Cable Length

SKU                  Cable Length

TEL-SSX17611  11'

TEL-SSX17612  12'

TEL-SSX17613  13'

TEL-SSX17614  14'

TEL-SSX17615  15'

TEL-SSX17616  16'

TEL-SSX17617  17'

TEL-SSX17618  18'

TEL-SSX17619  19'

TEL-SSX17620  20'

TEL-SSX17621  21'

TEL-SSX17622  22'

TEL-SSX17623  23'

TEL-SSX17624  24'

TEL-SSX17625  25'

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