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The Eittar is the first Electronic Throttle Controller to include AUTOMATIC CONTROL  MODES


A C P  Mode (Automatic Control mode)

Automatic control mode automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the controller to suit driving conditions, ideal

for those who want to set and forget. Brilliant for city driving. Auto Control is what makes the Eittar unique, 

it is not available on any of our competitors products.


SP Mode  (Sport mode) 

Sport  Mode offers (0 to 9) 10 sensitivity levels, this allows the driver to tune the controller to the desired level 

of sensitivity.Choose level 9  and grip the steering wheel tight or hit level 1 for a gentle smooth acceleration.

Maximum performance improvement 40% .


UP  Mode (Ultimate performance Mode)

Ultimate performance Mode offers (0 to 9) 10 sensitivity levels, this allows the driver to tune the controller to

 the desired level of sensitivity.Choose level 9  and grip the steering wheel tight or hit level 1 for a gentle 

smooth acceleration. Maximum performance improvement 55% 


ECO Mode (economy Mode)

ECO mode offers (0 to 9) 10 sensitivity levels, is designed for economy by reducing the accelerator response

 time. Also handy when you are on the trails and looking for a bit more throttle control when crawling.


NO Mode (Normal Mode)

Brings the vehicle back to standard



The Eittar is the latest in performance enhancement for your vehicle. It is designed to reduce the delays in your

 vehicles fly by wire pedal by altering the vehicles throttle curve. 

Sharper / Smoother acceleration 

Improved acceleration under load situations like towing or climbing hills

Suitable for both Automatic and Manual transmissions

Simple 5 minute installation with no special tools required


Why should I use Eittar electronic throttle controller?

New vehicles are changing every year, mostly because of developments of electronics. Vehicle systems that were

 mechanically controlled are now controlled by the vehicle’s computer. One such new system is electronic throttle 

control, known as drive-by-wire.


The drive-by-wire system eliminates the conventional mechanically operated system that had been used since the

 beginning of the cars. The standard mechanically operated accelerator pedal uses a cable attached from the pedal

 to the throttle body. When you presses down on the pedal, the cable opens the throttle plate, allowing air to pass

 through into the engine. The engine RPM is directly proportional to the angle of the throttle plate.


With drive-by-wire, the cable is replaced by an electronically controlled system using advanced electromechanical 

actuators, In place of a cable, an accelerator pedal position sensor is connected to the accelerator pedal. This sensor,

which is a potentiometer, determines the position of the accelerator pedal and signals this information to the vehicle’s

 ECU, in turn, commands the throttle control motor to open or close the throttle valve.


Do you Feel your gas pedal Sponge ?

The drive-by-wire system has its limitations however, the main problem being that throttle response time is significantly

 slower. Throttle response, also known as a vehicle’s responsiveness, is a measure of how fast an internal combustion

 engine can raise its power output from a low RPM to a higher more powerful RPM in response to a driver's request for

 acceleration; pushing the pedal down. Throttle response is often jumbled with better power; however throttle response 

is actually a measurement of the time taken for a change in power output.


Drivers all appreciate the need for speed and thrill of pushing our cars to newer limits, and slower throttle response will 

just increase the time it takes to get to your vehicle’s max power. To address the problem the aftermarket world has 

developed a new system to override the factory electronic throttle control settings, which have a noticeable time delay. 

The Pedal Commander Throttle Controller, is a great addition to add that extra “WOOW” to your drive-by-wire vehicle.


The Pedal Commander will basically bypass the ECU in the vehicle. The controller is designed to take the information

 right from the accelerator pedal position sensor and compile it in a high speed controller circuit. It also slightly advances

 that number and then sends it directly to the ECU. By sending the information to the computer this way a couple of checks

 can be bypassed that the engine computer will make before sending the signal to open the throttle plate. With this controller

 you have 5 different programming options; SP \ UP and EC programming option programming option has 0 to 9Levels, 

ten Levels of Acceleration. However the Acceleration will be noticeably faster.



10rd Generation Technology

-Increased, precise, throttle response, more power, faster acceleration!

-Eliminates throttle response delays;

-Car responds in approximately half the time at low rpm;

-Acceleration delay in third and fourth gear equal zero;

-Maintains power throughout the entire gear change cycle;

-Easier Overtaking in all gears;

- Simple 5 minute installation with no special tools required

-Reliable EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) cover over the housing;

-TÜV approved,CE certified

-Five modes with ten levels of customization, 30 levels in all,

-Each programmed for the individual car make/model;

-Further individual customization capable controller;

-Manual as well as Automatic transmission compatible;

-Can be used on both a tuned as well as stock automobiles.

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