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Wm#6 Weed Master's Lower Unit Weed Guard Model#105 Silvertrol Super 24 on

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Gulfport, Mississippi, US

Gulfport, Mississippi, US

Tesla Model S turns in to Jaguar XF

Mon, 06 Jun 2011

Jaguar XF - or is it a Tesla? Tesla seem convinced – or at least they’re doing all they can to convince the public – that the Tesla Model S is a soon to be reality, despite all in the industry saying they can’t deliver what they are offering – a high-end, luxury, high-spec sports saloon with a 300 mile range – for the sort of money they claim. That money – as we learned recently – is to be $69,500 for the Tesla S with the 300 mile battery, a price that’s had many scratching their heads over how Tesla can stick enough laptop batteries in the Model S to go that far, and how they can do it at a price that’s a good thirty per cent less than the ‘Lotus-with-batteries’ Tesla Roadster.

Study: Distracted driving deemed socially unacceptable among young drivers

Wed, 17 Apr 2013

A new survey shows that young drivers think it’s socially unacceptable to drive distracted. This data is among the results of tiremaker Bridgestone Americas Inc.'s annual survey that polls more than 2,065 drivers aged 16 to 21 nationwide. Of those drivers, 80 percent said sending texts and emails is "unacceptable." But our distracted-driving epidemic isn't solved yet; 37 percent admit to still doing it.

Jeep’s ‘Ugly is the new appealing’ Cherokee costs from £25,495

Wed, 30 Apr 2014

The new Jeep Cherokee (pictured) is now on sale in the UK The new Jeep Cherokee debuted at the New York Motor Show in 2013, giving Jeep a new, smaller SUV with ‘good to be ugly’ looks to mop up the still growing demand for SUVs of all sizes. And now it’s going on sale in the UK. Based on the same underpinnings as the Alfa Giulietta, the new Cherokee comes in at a more affordable price than its big brother, but if you want the entry-level  2.0-litre Longitude 140 you’ll have to make do with front-wheel drive.