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Xpresskit Gmdl2 - Gm Sedans Databus Doorlock Alarm Interface on

C $15.00

Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Quebec, Quebec, Canada

The Professional Standard in Bypass Kit Solutions.

GMDL2 provides complete integration to select factory doorlocks and security system with any afterma

Package Weight:  0.13 kg
0.29 lb
Package Measurements (LxWxH):  5.63 x 4.50 x 1.63 mm
0.22" x 0.18" x 0.06"

- Data interface kit provides complete integration to the factory doorlocks and security system (see list below) with any aftermarket remote starter and/or alarm system.
- Factory personalization features such as: Drivers Seat, Mirror, and Radio station preset memory are maintained with the installation of this kit with any remote aftermarket system. *(Driver #1 only)
- Doorlock interface kit will: Disarm/rearm GM factory security system as well as unlock and lock doors.
- Factory priority unlock feature: Drivers door unlock (First press) and passenger door unlock (Second press) is maintained
- Easy to install kit eliminates the need for relays and does not require the door panels to be removed.
*Note the GMDL kit interfaces with the FACTORY doorlock and intrusion alarm system only. If you are installing a remote starter you will also need a transponder bypass kit to bypass the TRANSPONDER PASSIVE ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM.

Compatible with any remote car starter

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