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Ionlite 12v Portable Air Purifier Odor Eliminator For Auto Great Trucks Cars Rvs on

US $10.95

Rowland Heights, California, United States

Rowland Heights, California, United States
Condition:New Brand:ionLite

ionLite 12v Air  Odor Eliminator For Auto Great For Trucks, Cars & RV's

Negative ions eliminate smoke, exhaust fumes, smoke pollen and pet dander. Clears the air and helps fight fatigue while you drive.
  • 1.2 million ions/cc
  • Compact design
  • Fully adjustable, and includes on/off switch
  • Plugs into 12V Power Outlet
  • Health benefits of safe negative ions

Features + Benefits
IonLite's proven air purifiers safely* remove harmful particles from the air. Most particles that "float" in the air are positively charged. These particles act as large "rafts" for toxic chemicals and disease organisms-not the kind of thing you want to breathe!

Negative ions are attracted to this positive charge like the opposing poles of a magnet. When the negative ion gives up its charge to the particle, it becomes attracted to other positively-charged particles in the air, forming masses that are too heavy to remain suspended.

Breathe Cleaner Air Today!
Negative ions have been proven to remove the following particles from the air, resulting in healthier living conditions and reduction in odors: Bacteria, Toxic Chemicals, including VOCs, Smoke, Dust and Dust Mites, Dead Skin, Pollens, Insect Feces, Mold Spores, Animal/Pet Dander.

Healthy Living
Independent laboratory testing has proven that breathing negative ions can: Increase well-being and alertness, Reduce fatigue and depression, Minimize airborne illnesses, Accelerate metabolism and enhance blood flow, Kills bacteria and E. coli.

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