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Harmony, North Carolina, United States

Harmony, North Carolina, United States
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My name is Bonnie Walker. American Dream started as a small freight company in 1997. My husband drove truck and I brokered for him. Over the years the company grew and evolved. Trucks and drivers were added and the freight became autos. Although I am widowed the company continues in its present form. I now broker only and have two offices. The years of  dealing with freight and automotive transportation have taught me a few things.

One of my biggest lessons was; that just because a company can haul for you, does not mean it should. Many companies are under-insured, have poor delivery records, high claim rates and questionable safety records. Although on today’s crowded highways “accidents” do happen, the elimination of substandard carriers can vastly reduce these incidents.

Over my years in the business I have acquired the skills and wherewithal to vastly improve the quality of the select carriers I work with. Yes I am a broker and yes I earn my living moving vehicles. The key word is “Earn”. I work directly with you and for you. I am committed to making sure your vehicle is moved in a safe timely manner. I may not have the cheapest bid on your move. I will have the most cost effective one.

As a carrier we knew what was required for our trucks. I now hold my carriers to the same high standards.

Whether it is the family car or that classic sports car you have dreamed of you can count on us to:

1: Verify their License and Authority are active and Insurance is sufficient to cover all vehicles.

2: Verify their DOT Safety Rating for your vehicles protection.

3: Verify their Performance Rating with all others that have used them.

4:We require all carriers that work with us to sign a Strict Contract that prevents them from dropping your vehicle anywhere except the agreed location. It also prevents them from driving your vehicle, except for loading and unloading. Additionally a daily check in is stipulated with location update.

Call get a quote. If you purchase this auction a discount on my already awsome brokerage fee will be given to with the code I will send you. Only one purchase per vehicle move will be honored.

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