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Turbo Charger on

US $225.00

North Tonawanda, New York, United States

North Tonawanda, New York, United States
All turbo and super chargers are rebuilt to factory spec's. This is a listing for services.
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

You are bidding on a services Auction, this listing will be set to a fixed price, "IF" this site allows a fixed price auction. How this normally work's, is like this. "You " the customer buy's my service of rebuilding your super charger or your turbo charger, Once I get your verified payment I will send you an email with a prepaid shipping lable. you will then send me your turbo or super charger, with a detailed list of what the problem is with your charger. I will then "REBUILD" your charger system. This will be done to the spec's of your "OEM" -Manufacturer of the vehicle you have. All internal parts will be cleaned, and replaced with "Brand New" seals, Rings and gears if it has them. I am doing this service because I love working on cars and trucks and I love saving people money. So instead of paying anywhere from $350.00-- $2,900 or more for a brand new charger, you just send the used one to me and I Repair, Rebuild and Restore your system back to how it was when it was Brand New.Once the system is Rebuilt, Normally within 3-7 day's I will send it back to you with overnight delivery so you get your system back within a "Logical" time period, so your not waiting a few weeks or longer, Like you would if you sent it some where else. I guarentee all my work for 120 day's against Faulty Workmanship as well as Faulty Part's, Which I have never had any problems because I only use quality part's.NO, I will not use cheaper parts for any reason. If I use cheaper parts I would not be able to sleep at night, Because as you should know, Your charger is a major part of your engine, and if it is done wrong It will not function properly and it could cause damage to your engine or system components.So Please dont ask me to use cheap parts, or ask me to use "Scrap" Bodies. It will never happen.....

Toyota GT 86 Convertible confirmed

Fri, 02 Mar 2012

Toyota GT 86 Convertible on the way With the Toyota GT 86 not yet out in the wild, we learn that Toyota are planning a GT 86 Convertible. In what is perhaps one of the least surprising revelations recently, Toyota’s chief engineer has conformed that they are working on a convertible version of the GT 86. Well, they want to take a piece of the MX-5′s market with their new ‘affordable’ sports car so they have little choice.

Alcraft Motor Company to ‘reinterpret’ British vehicles

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Alcraft Motor Company, a new British bespoke design and engineering business, has launched its first design study in a line of concepts that will “reinterpret vehicles using British design values.” With the help of students from the Royal College of Art, Alcraft will initially focus on marques with British heritage, including Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover. On Bing: see pictures of Range Rovers Find out how much a used Range Rover costs on Auto Trader It’s this last brand Alcraft is turning its attention to first, reimagining the 2013 model year Range Rover with even more of a British spin. Here’s how, according to Alcraft design consultant Matthew Humphries: “We’re extremely pleased with how the Range Rover study has turned out.

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AC is due to show the AC Cobra MK VI at the Top Marques Show in Monaco Despite being a UK car maker, AC is to build the new Cobra MK VI in Germany, at Gullwing GmbH, which gives a clue to the car’s unique feature – a removable hard top with gullwing doors. The AC Cobra has a long history, and is one of the most sought after replica cars on the market (which is hardly surprising considering the cost of an original Cobra), and is said to be single handedly responsible for the UK’s national 70mph speed limit, which was brought in after some extremely high-speed incidents on the new M1, where AC was testing its cars. Why bother with a test track when you have 100 miles of fresh, straight tarmac courtesy of H.M.