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High Tech Performance Obd Tuner Chip + 80 Hp Ford Trucks And Vans on

US $50.00

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Condition:New Brand:Nitro Tuner Technology:Utimate Hyper Flash Manufacturer Part Number:Performance Tuner Chip Frequency:400MHZ Placement on Vehicle:Front Power Save Capable:Yes Surface Finish:Blue Use:Engine Motor / Upgrade Tool Warranty:Lifetime Type:Maxx Performance, Tuner Chip Module Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

Welcome to the NitroII Stage 4 High Performance Tuner Chip Module

NitroII Stage 4 Tuner Chip:

Custom Tuned for your vehicle for the best results!

Only for vehicles made between 1996 and 2017!

         What Makes NitroII The Best

NitroII is a powerful tuning device that will rejuvenate any engine! Add life, fun, excitement and performance to your motor in mere seconds. This plug and play device installs easily and quickly. Simply plug NitroII into the OBD2 port under your vehicles dashboard and it instantly goes to work, communicating and networking with your vehicles factory engine electronic computer. Once connected the tuner is able to optimize engine operating parameters to provide substantial horsepower, torque, and fuel economy gains. Tuning your vehicle has never been so easy! NitroII utilizes Stage 4 Performance Chip Technology to provide the ultimate in performance for your vehicle. Ignition Timing, Fuel Injector Pulse Width, and Air/Fuel Ratio are optimized to significantly boost your engines performance and efficiency. Transmission shift points are also optimized, where applicable. The effects are huge! Your throttle becomes more responsive, your engine becomes more eager, acceleration hastens, and fuel efficiency dramatically increases. Best of all, NitroII manages these extraordinary feats while also costing less than other big name tuners. Jet, Bully, Venom, Edge, Smarty, Juice and most other tuners provide a fraction of these results at more than 4 times the cost. With NitroII you get big performance, without paying for a big name!


         NitroII is completely safe.

    NitroII is easy to install. It is 100% Plug n Play!

Enjoy Proven Performance and Reliability.

         80 Horsepower Gain is Easily Felt.

        75 lb-ft Torque Increase Boosts Acceleration
    and Hill Climbing.

    6 Miles Per Gallon Boost Saves Gas Money

   Saves you money.

          Installs in less than 30 seconds.

    Optimizes Automatic Transmission Performance
    and Operation

         Comes with a Lifetime warranty.


NitroII Benefits:

Smoother Idle, More Power, More Fuel Efficiency, Electronic Engine Tune Up, Cures Hard Starting, Fixes Hesitation, No Check Engine Lights, Sharpens Throttle Response, Increases Towing Power, Easier Hill Climbing, True Racing Power! 
Try NitroII Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q - What Transmissions are compatible with NitroII?
A - NitroII works with all transmissions including:  Automatic, DCT, Manual, or CVT.

Q - What about my Vehicles Warranty?
A - NitroII will not Void Your Vehicles Warranty.

Q - Is High Octane Fuel Necessary?
A - Octane requirement does not change with NitroII. Continue to use 
      the fuel suggested by your vehicles manufacturer.

Q – Is Ultraxx good for towing?
A - Definitely!! NitroII is a must for anyone towing. The increased power and torque
      make towing effortless.

Q - Is this Safe?
A - NitroII is guaranteed safe for your motor, transmission, vehicle electrical system, 
      and your vehicle in its entirety. You may use NitroII with confidence.

Q - How much will MPG Increase?
A - Our tests revealed a 6 MPG gain. Larger engines gain 4 to 5 MPG.

Q - What skills do I need to install NitroII?
A - No skill or tools are necessary to install this tuner. It simply plugs in under the dashboard. See Below:

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NitroII is only for vehicles of the following model years: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 Enjoy!


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